Well Analysis Corporation

Well Analysis Corporation is the largest production logging on the West Coast, with our main office located in Bakersfield, California. Additional offices are located in Los Angeles and Fallon, Nevada. We also offer services in both Indonesia and the Philippines, and have worked in over 10 different countries.

Well Analysis Corporation also maintains our own Machine Shop and on staff Electronics Engineer to build and repair our own equipment. We are committed to a full time R&D department to utilize the newest and most accurate industry technologies.

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Wireline Operations

Pressure and Temperature Surveys




Safety Valve Removal and Replacement

All major manufactures, both wireline set & insert valves for TBG Retrievable, are available.

Scale and Paraffin Cutting

Braided Line Services

Heavy Pulling



Single Shot Mechanical Perforator



Button (Hole Puncher)

TBG Swaggering Swages and Swab Cups

Fishing Services for Wire and Tools

Fluid Sampling






Drive Down


Downhole Plug Work - Remove, Redress, Replace

Tubing Set



Collar Set


Nipple Set




Halliburton, Baker, Camco types


Running and Pulling

Production Logging

  • Water Injection Survey

    Water Injection Survey

    Water Injection Survey

    Tool Rating: 350°F 15,000 PSI All of the above share the same common probes to achieve survey.

      Tooling available for water profile survavailableeys
    • Temperature Tool
    • Casing Collar Locator
    • I-131 Tracer Tools
    • Spinner Tools

    This set of services can provide a complete profile and check for migration problems which may exist in your water injection wells – (Packer leaks, top perf leaks, casing holes, locate plugged perfs, etc.)

  • Temperature Survey

    Temperature Survey

    Temperature Survey

    0 - 600°F – 15,000 PSI

    High Resolution Temperature Tool

    Accuracy +/- 2°F Repeatability +/- 2°F

    0 - 600°F – 15,000 PSI

    This tooling developed by Welaco and Texaco’s Research & Development Department to run in Steam Flood Fields as a surveillance tool to track steam movement throughout the field. Normally ran on a quarterly or by-annual basis

  • Fluid Entry Survey

    Fluid Entry Survey

  • Caliper Survey

    Caliper Survey

Technical Department

WELACO Technical Department

WELACO Technical Department

WAC has a technical department that works tirelessly to keep the computers in the office and on the trucks in good working order in an effort to keep the turn around time of surveys to a minimum

WELACO Fabrication Department

Our fabrication department consists of a complete machine shop with the full capability of constructing down hole logging tools, offshore skid units, portable mast units, and modification of equipment. The complete fabrication of new wireline units and electronic units can be completed by our fabricators. Our in house fabricator can manufacture high quality tools and equipment in a minimal amount of time. It is for this reason that WELACO can sustain a high level of quality while meeting the needs of an active and growing industry.

    Welaco's Machine Shop Offers Construction of:
  • Down hole logging tools
  • Offshore skid units
  • Portable mast units


Features and Benefits


The 1.83 in. size tool string offers the advantage of accessing zones of interest through tubing strings, also in many wellbore geometries the device has been used routinely to evaluate zones through both the tubing and casing strings.


High speed and stable electronic performance combined with optimized detector design results in accurate log data with statistical uncertainty of the measurement appreciably less than conventional devices.

MiI grade component selection and stringent design criterion result in stable operation of the downhole instruments in hostile environments.


Since the thrust of this development was that of reservoir monitoring and time lapse logging to detect subtle changes, the stringent calibration and quality assurance procedures are maintained. In addition to API and industry standard compliance, periodic operating characteristic checklist testing is conducted at our technical facility. This ensures consistent log response on every log and therefore a greater degree of confidence in the interpretive aspects of the service.


  • Temp Zone Identification
  • Fluid Movement Monitoring
  • Wellbore Potential Evalutation
  • Dowhole P-T-S Monitoring
  • Casing Integrity Evaluation
  • High Temperature Wireline Services

Geothermal Tools

    Physical Specifications
  • E-Line Tool Length (with spinner mechanicals) 96.93".
  • Memory Tool Length (with spinner mechanicals) 96.93"
  • O.D. (in heat shield) 1.83"


WELACO is a hard working company that has been all over the world

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Hawaii
  • Louisiana
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Canada
  • El Salvador
  • Indonesia
  • Kenya
  • Mexico
  • New Zealand
  • Nicaragua
  • Philippines
  • Tunisia
  • Turkmenistan
  • Venezuela
  • Yemen

About Well Analysis Corporation

Our Beginnings

Welaco opened for business in October, 1990 with three logging units. Each unit contained analog equipment. We had one contract, Shell Oil Company. Welaco has seen steady growth since the business began, even though the industry was indolent. We contribute this to the quality of service that Welaco provides;

Welaco is now the largest production logging company on the west coast, with our home office based in Bakersfield, California. Additional offices are located in Los Angeles, California and Fallon, Nevada. We have computerized production logging units, in-house drafting and log reproduction, and a complete machine shop which produces our down-hole electronic tools. An Electronics Engineer is on staff to repair and manufacture electronic boards for tooling. Welaco is committed to a full time R&D department.